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Visual Basic: Data Object Wizard

Visual Studio 6.0

Data Object Wizard

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Assists you in generating code to create custom data sources and User Controls to display and manipulate data through stored procedures.

Note   You must first create a Data Environment with commands to retrieve and manipulate data before you can use the Data Object Wizard. The Data Object Wizard uses commands within the Data Environment to retrieve and update your data. The types of commands you create are:

  • A required command, the Select Command

  • Optional commands such as the Insert, Update, or Delete commands.

Use this add-in when you want to:

  • Create updatable recordsets from stored procedures.

  • Create User controls to display and manipulate data.

  • Generate Visual Basic code that reflects relationships between data.

  • Create user controls that display and allow you to interact with lookup relationships.

  • Have meaningful text descriptions instead of cryptic lookup values.

  • Have meaningful text for NULL values
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