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Preparing to Install Notification Services

SQL Server 2000

Before you install Notification Services components, you must ensure that the servers meet all hardware and software requirements. When you install components of Notification Services, the account used to perform the installation must have adequate privileges.

This section includes information about hardware and software requirements and the permissions required for installation. It also includes information about the files that are to be installed and how Notification Services supports multiple versions of these files on a single server.

The topics that this section covers are described in the following table.

Topic Description
Hardware and Software Requirements Provides hardware requirements for the engine components and software requirements for the engine components, database components, documentation, and samples.
Permissions Required for Installation Documents the permissions required to install Notification Services components.
Files and File Locations Lists the files that will be installed and the locations where they are installed.
Multiple Version Support Explains how multiple version support for Notification Services works.
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