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IRepositoryTransaction2 Interface

SQL Server 2000

IRepositoryTransaction2 Interface

This interface supports distributed transactions on Microsoft® SQL Server™ 6.5, SQL Server 7.0, and SQL Server 2000. However, the operating system must be Microsoft Windows® 2000. This feature ensures that the distributed transaction is atomic; that is, it either commits at all resource managers or aborts at all of them.

When to Use

Use the IRepositoryTransaction2 interface to begin, commit, or abort a distributed repository transaction.

IUnknown method Description
QueryInterface Returns pointers to supported interfaces
AddRef Increments the reference count
Release Decrements the reference count

IDispatch method Description
GetIDsOfNames Maps a single member and a set of argument names to a corresponding set of dispatch identifiers
GetTypeInfo Retrieves a type information object, which can be used to get the type information for an interface
GetTypeInfoCount Retrieves the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1)
Invoke Provides access to properties and methods exposed by an Automation object

IRepositoryTransaction method Description
Abort Cancels a currently active transaction
Begin Begins a new transaction
Commit Commits an active transaction
Flush Stores uncommitted changes to the repository database
GetOption Retrieves a transaction option
get_Status Indicates whether there is a currently active transaction
SetOption Sets a transaction option

IRepositoryTransaction2 method Description
get_DTCTransaction Retrieves a pointer to the active Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) transaction

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