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IDbConnectionExtension Interface

SQL Server 2000

IDbConnectionExtension Interface

Represents additional connection properties that can be implemented by Reporting Services data processing extensions.

For a list of all members of this type, see IDbConnectionExtension Members.

Public Interface IDbConnectionExtension
   Inherits IDbConnection

public interface IDbConnectionExtension : IDbConnection

public __gc __interface IDbConnectionExtension : public

public interface IDbConnectionExtension implements IDbConnection

The IDbConnectionExtension interface enables you to implement an extension of the IDbConnection interface, which adds additional functionality for authenticating a connection to a data source. The IDbConnectionExtension interface can be used to build a custom data processing extension. For more information about Connection classes, see Implementing a Connection Class for a Data Processing Extension.

An application does not create an instance of the IDbConnectionExtension interface directly, but creates an instance of a class that implements IDbConnectionExtension.

Classes that implement IDbConnectionExtension must also implement all required members, and typically define additional members to add provider-specific functionality. Because IDbConnectionExtension inherits from IDbConnection, you must also implement all of the IDbConnection members as part of your Connection class including those members from IExtension.


Namespace: Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataProcessing

Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows .NET Server family

Assembly: Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.dll)

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