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Replication Icons

SQL Server 2000

SQL Server Enterprise Manager uses several icons to represent replication objects, operations, and results.

Icon Description
Publisher error
Publisher retrying synchronization
Snapshot publication
Snapshot publication error
Snapshot publication retry
Transactional publication
Transactional publication error
Transactional publication retry
Merge publication
Merge publication error
Merge publication retry
Subscription error
Subscription retrying synchronization
Subscription to a merge publication
Subscription (agent not running)
Subscription (agent running)
Database is enabled for publishing
Replication Monitor
Replication Monitor error
Replication Monitor retry
Snapshot Agent running
Snapshot Agent not running
Snapshot Agent retrying
Snapshot Agent error
Log Reader Agent running
Log Reader Agent not running
Log Reader Agent retrying
Log Reader Agent error
Queue Reader Agent running
Queue Reader Agent not running
Queue Reader Agent retrying
Queue Reader Agent error
Miscellaneous agents running
Miscellaneous agents error
Miscellaneous agents retrying
Column is a primary key
No primary key in the table
This table includes a timestamp column and cannot be published by Publishers running SQL Server 7.0 or to Subscribers running SQL Server 7.0.

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