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Programming Replication with SQL-DMO

SQL Server 2000

SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) allows you to control replication components for implementation, administration, and monitoring. SQL-DMO encapsulates Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 components as objects. Using programming languages, such as Microsoft Visual C++® or Microsoft Visual Basic®, you can write SQL-DMO applications based on these objects and the properties and methods associated with the objects.

For example, a replication component can be a Distributor, and using SQL-DMO, you can program the SQL-DMO Distributor Object to install a local distributor or configure remote distribution for a Publisher. You can then use the DistributionDatabase Object to create a new distribution database or change the properties of a distribution database.

After distribution is configured, you can use the DistributorAvailable property to find out the state of a Distributor or the Distribution Database property to identify the distribution database used at the Distributor.

For more information, see Developing SQL-DMO Applications.

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