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Installing Information Models

SQL Server 2000

Installing a model is the process of defining an information model in a repository database. When you install an information model, the repository engine adds entries to the repository SQL schema. After a model is installed, it is available for tools and applications. You can program against an installed information model using the repository API.

Before you can install a model, you must compile it using the Modeling Development Kit (MDK) in the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services Software Development Kit (SDK). Compiled models have an .rdm file extension.

Note  If you are using Open Information Model (OIM) models, Meta Data Services distributes ready-to-install .rdm files for each model.

The following table lists four approaches to installing a model.

Installation approach Description
Meta Data Browser Provides a dialog box so that you can browse to the file you want. For more information, see Using Meta Data Browser.
Command line utility Enables you to run a model installation from a command line. For more information, see Using the Model Installer from the Command Line.
Microsoft® ActiveX® component Enables you to install an information model from your application code using a program that Meta Data Services provides. For more information, see Using the Model Installer ActiveX Component.
Repository API Enables you to install an information model programmatically using methods. For more information, see IManageReposTypeLib::CreateTypeLib and ReposRoot CreateTypeLib Method.

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