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Visual Basic: DataRepeater Control

Visual Studio 6.0

ActiveRow Property

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Returns or sets the row index where the current record will be positioned. The ActiveRowChanged event occurs when setting this property.


object.ActiveRow [=integer]

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
integer A numeric expression that specifies the row where the current record is placed.


The property value must be between 1 and the value of the VisibleRows property.

The row index is 1-based, and setting the property to 0 is not allowed. However, when 0 is returned, it indicates that the current record is scrolled out of view.

When the DataRepeater control displays the beginning or end of a recordset, it's possible that the ActiveRow won't have a logical setting. For example, if the current record is the last in the recordset, setting the ActiveRow to 2 or 1 when the VisibleRows is 3, is an invalid setting.

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