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Set Default Member Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Set Default Member Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to:

  • Clear a previously specified custom default member.

  • Specify a default member by selecting it in a member tree or by creating an expression in Multidimensional Expressions (MDX).

The default member of a dimension slices the datasets returned by queries when the dimension is not displayed on an axis and no slicing member in the dimension is specified.

Note  The default member can be overridden in individual roles. For more information, see Custom Rules in Dimension Security.

This dialog box appears when, in the tree pane of Dimension Editor or Cube Editor, you select a dimension, click Default Member in the properties pane, and then click the edit (...) button.


No custom default

Select to clear the specification of a default member.

If the All Level property of the dimension is set to Yes, the member indicated by the All Caption property will be the default member. If the All Level property of the dimension is set to No, an arbitrary member of the highest level will be the default member.

Choose member to be the default

Expand the member tree and select a default member.

Enter MDX formula to specify default member for dimension

Type an MDX expression to represent the default member. For example, to specify Paris as the default member of the Location dimension, type:

[Location].[All Location].[Europe].[France].[Paris]

You can also click the expand (...) button to display MDX Builder, where you can construct an MDX expression.


Click to temporarily save your changes and close the dialog box. To permanently save your changes, in the editor, on the File menu, click Save.

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