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Configuring Replication

SQL Server 2000

Configuring replication is the process of identifying Publishers, Distributors, and Subscribers across your enterprise, configuring them for replication using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 tools, and then later modifying or disabling replication if necessary.

The steps for configuring replication are:

  1. Identifying a Distributor.

  2. Creating a distribution database on the Distributor.

  3. Enabling Publishers that will use the Distributor.

  4. Enabling publication databases.

  5. Enabling Subscribers that will receive published data.

For ease of implementation, you can use the Configure Distribution and Publishing Wizard, script configuration of distribution and publishing using Transact-SQL system stored procedures, or SQL-DMO. After replication is configured, you can use the Publisher and Distributor properties dialog box, Transact-SQL system stored procedures or SQL-DMO to modify the settings.

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