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Visual Basic: MAPI Controls

Visual Studio 6.0

AttachmentPosition Property

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Specifies the position of the currently indexed attachment within the message body. This property is not available at design time. It is read-only unless MsgIndex is set to 1.


object.AttachmentPosition [ = value ]

The AttachmentPosition property syntax these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
value A long expression specifying the position of the currently indexed attachment.


To determine where an attachment is placed, count the characters in the message body and decide which character position you wish to replace with the attachment. The character count at that position should be used for the AttachmentPosition value.

For example, in a message body that is five-characters long, you could place an attachment at the end of the message by setting AttachmentPosition equal to 4. (The message body occupies character positions 0 to 4.)

You can't place two attachments in the same position within the same message. In addition, you can't place an attachment beyond the end of the message body.

The value of AttachmentPosition depends on the currently indexed attachment, as selected by the AttachmentIndex property.

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