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SQL Server 2000

The DTSSQLObjectType constants specify object copying options for the TransferObjectsTask, AddObjectForTransfer, and GetObjectForTransfer methods.

Constant Value Description
DTSSQLObj_AllDatabaseObjects 4607 (x11FF) System and database objects
DTSSQLObj_AllDatabaseUserObjects 4605 (x11FD) User database objects
DTSSQLObj_Default 64 (x0040) Defaults
DTSSQLObj_Rule 128 (x0080) Rules
DTSSQLObj_StoredProcedure 16 (x0010) Stored procedures
DTSSQLObj_SystemTable 2 System tables
DTSSQLObj_Trigger 256 (x0100) Triggers
DTSSQLObj_UserDefinedDatatype 1 User-defined data types
DTSSQLObj_UserDefinedFunction 4096 (x1000) User-defined functions
DTSSQLObj_UserTable 8 User tables
DTSSQLObj_View 4 Views

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