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SQL Server 2000

The DTSIsolationLevel constants specify isolation levels for the Package TransactionIsolationLevel property.

Constant Value Description
DTSIsoLevel_Browse 256 (x0100) Browse level
DTSIsoLevel_Chaos 16 (x0010) Chaos level
DTSIsoLevel_CursorStability 4096 (x1000) Cursor stability level
DTSIsoLevel_Isolated 1048576 (x00100000) Isolated level
DTSIsoLevel_ReadCommitted 4096 (x1000) Read committed level
DTSIsoLevel_ReadUncommitted 256 (x0100) Read uncommitted level
DTSIsoLevel_RepeatableRead 65536 (x00010000) Repeatable read level
DTSIsoLevel_Serializable 1048576 (x00100000) Serializable level

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