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New Properties (Alphabetical List) [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

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The following table lists properties added to the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 object model (sorted alphabetically).

New Property Object(s)
Active ListObject
ActiveXControl SmartTagAction
AllowFillIn ListDataFormat
AppendOnImport XmlMap
ArbitraryXMLSupportAvailable Application
AutoExpandListRange AutoCorrect
CheckboxState SmartTagAction
Choices ListDataFormat
DataBinding XmlMap
DecimalPlaces ListDataFormat
DefaultValue ListDataFormat
DisplayDocumentActionTaskPane Application
DisplayInkComments Application, Workbook
DocumentLibraryVersions Workbook
ExpandHelp SmartTagAction
HeaderRowRange ListObject
InactiveListBorderVisible Workbook
InsertRowRange ListObject
InvalidData ListRow
IsExportable XmlMap
IsPercent ListDataFormat
lcid ListDataFormat
ListColumns ListObject
ListDataFormat ListColumn
ListDataValidation ErrorCheckingOptions
ListObject QueryTable, Range
ListObjects Worksheet
ListRows ListObject
ListSelection SmartTagAction
Map XPath
MaxCharacters ListDataFormat
MaxNumber ListDataFormat
MinNumber ListDataFormat
Namespace XmlSchema
Permission Workbook
Prefix XmlNamespace
PresentInPane SmartTagAction
PreserveColumnFilter XmlMap
PreserveNumberFormatting XmlMap
RadioGroupSelection SmartTagAction
Repeating XPath
Required ListDataFormat
RootElementName XmlMap
RootElementNamespace XmlMap
SaveDataSourceDefinition XmlMap
Schemas XmlMap
SharedWorkspace Workbook
SharePointFormula ListColumn
SharePointURL ListObject
ShowAutoFilter ListObject
ShowImportExportValidationErrors XmlMap
ShowTotals ListObject
SmartDocument Workbook
SourceUrl XmlDataBinding
Sync Workbook
SyncScrollingSideBySide Windows
TextboxText SmartTagAction
TextFileVisualLayout QueryTable
TotalsCalculation ListColumn
TotalsRowRange ListObject
Uri XmlNamespace
XmlMap ListObject
XmlMaps Workbook
XmlNamespaces Workbook
XPath Range, ListColumn

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