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Basic MDX

SQL Server 2000

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) commands allow you to query multidimensional objects, such as cubes, and return multidimensional datasets. This topic and its subtopics provide an overview of MDX queries.

As is the case with SQL, the author of an MDX query must determine the structure of the requested dataset before writing the query. The following topics describe MDX queries and the datasets they produce, and provide more detailed information about basic MDX syntax.

Topic Description
The Basic MDX Query Provides basic syntax information for an MDX query.
Members, Tuples, and Sets Gives a brief description of members, tuples, and sets, including conceptual information and syntax.
Axis and Slicer Dimensions Describes the axis and slicer dimensions and their use within an MDX query with the SELECT and WHERE clauses.
Establishing Cube Context Provides a description of the purpose of the FROM clause in MDX queries.

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