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7.0 Analysis Services Client and Local Cube Support

SQL Server 2000

This table shows support for new server features by the Microsoft® SQL Server™ 7.0 OLAP Services client components and in a SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services local cube. When a feature may cause data to be translated incorrectly by a 7.0 client application, the server prevents the cube from being visible and prevents the client connection to the cube. If the absence of a feature in a local cube might change data values presented to the user, then a local cube using the feature cannot be created.

For each feature listed here, the table shows whether a cube containing a feature is visible on a 7.0 client application and if the cube is visible whether the feature itself is available on the 7.0 client application. For each feature, the table also shows whether a local cube can be created using the feature and whether the feature itself is supported in a local cube.

Cube is visible on 7.0 client Feature available on 7.0 client Can create local cube using feature Supported in a local cube
Actions Yes No Yes No
Additional authentication methods Yes Yes Yes (2)
Calculated cells No No No No
Changing dimensions Yes No Yes No
Custom member formulas No No No No
Custom rollup formulas No No No No
Default members No No Yes Yes
Dimension security No No No No
DistinctCount No No No No
Drillthrough Yes No Yes No
Enhanced cell Security Yes Yes Yes No
Enhanced virtual dimensions(1) Yes Yes Yes Not applicable
Exceeding 7.0 Limits(3) No No Yes Yes
Linked cubes Yes Not applicable Yes No
Member groups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Members with data Yes Yes Yes Yes
New MDX functions Yes No Yes (4)
Parent-child dimensions No No Yes Yes
Ragged dimensions Yes Yes Yes Yes
ROLAP dimensions Yes Not applicable Yes No
Siblings with same names No No Yes Yes
Write-enabled dimensions Yes No Yes No

1    The earlier limit of 760 members in a virtual dimension does not apply.
2    Cell security is not supported on local cubes.
3    Exceeding 127 measures in a cube, 63 dimensions in a cube, or 128 levels in a cube. For information about SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services limits, see Specifications and Limits.
4    For the SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services client, new Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) functions are not supported. For local cubes, new MDX functions are available, except for LookUpCube. Calculated members using LookUpCube in local cubes are not created.

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