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Building and Processing Cubes

SQL Server 2000

Building and processing cubes are two of the most common administrative tasks in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services. Analysis Manager provides wizards and editors to help you perform these tasks. When you build a cube, you should consider the data source of the cube, the type of storage the cube will use, and how much data you want to precalculate.

When you process a cube, you can choose from different processing methods depending on the type of changes you want to incorporate. This topic contains information to help you make these decisions.

You can also use Decision Support Objects (DSO) to build and process cubes programmatically. For more information, see Using Decision Support Objects.

Topic Description
Building Cubes Describes how you can build and maintain cubes using the Cube Wizard and Cube Editor, and the items you specify in each step of the process.
Designing Storage Options and Aggregations Describes the steps and options you use when you design storage options and aggregations using the Storage Design Wizard.
Managing Linked Cubes Discusses the special requirements of linked cubes, including synchronization and the use of user-defined functions.
Processing Cubes Describes conditions for performing complete processing on cubes.
Viewing Cube Data Describes how to view cube data using Cube Browser, and also reviews changing dimensions, drilling down, and slicing.

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