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Log Detail

SQL Server 2000

Use this dialog box to review detailed execution information on Data Transformation Services (DTS) package steps.



View a symbol that indicates the success or failure of the step. The green check mark indicates the step completed successfully, while the red "X" indicates an error occurred in that step. Any step not run is not logged and will not appear in the Log Detail dialog box.

Step Name

View the step in the package. This indicates the step to which the rest of the columns in this row of the log are referring.

Run status

View the code that indicates the step status. Status codes are:

  • Step Waiting = 1

  • Step In Progress = 2

  • Step Inactive = 3

  • Step Completed = 4

For more information, see DTSStepExecStatus.

Start Time

View the date and time that the step was started. The format of the date and time is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:ms.

End Time

View the date and time that the step finished. The format of the date and time is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:ms.

Elapsed Time

View the time it took for the step to execute. This is the difference between the Start Time and End Time fields.

Error code

View the error code. If a step executes successfully, an error code of zero is entered in this column. If the step did not execute successfully, the error code indicating the reason for step failure will be entered in this column.

Error description

View a brief text description of the error that occurred.

More Info

Expand the Log Detail dialog box to display the Task Detail section.

Less Info

Remove the Task Detail section from the Log Detail dialog box.

View Error

Display the View package log error description dialog box, where you view a detailed description of the information in the Error Description column.

Task Detail

Display detailed real-time logging information for DTS tasks. While the DTS tasks supplied with Microsoft® SQL Server™ do not provide this detailed logging information. you can write DTS custom tasks that do. For more information, see WriteTaskRecord Method.


View status of the task. A green checkmark indicates the step has completed successfully. A red "X" indicates the step has failed.


View detailed description of the task.

Error Code

View the error message number if errors are raised. Ok indicates that no errors have been encountered.

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