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Windows Installer Return Codes for Desktop Engine

SQL Server 2000

  Topic last updated -- January 2004

The Microsoft® Windows™ Installer implements a set of error messages specific to problems that may occur when installing instances of Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000). These error messages may also be passed to programs that run Setup.exe, because Setup.exe is based on Windows Installer. Windows Installer reports errors at two distinct levels of specificity, contingent on the presence of a callback handler. When there is no callback handler available to catch errors, there are only two return codes:

  • 0 indicates the installation is successful.

  • 1603 indicates an error is encountered.

The following return codes are returned only if you have specified a Desktop Engine Windows Installer callback function. For more information about using callback functions, see Windows Installer Callback Functions for Desktop Engine.

Return code #define label Message text
50035 ERROR_CHARS_NOT_SUPPORTED The text specified contains characters not supported on the Windows code page.
50043 ERROR_DUP_INSTANCE_NAME An installation with the same instance name already exists.
Instance names can contain from 1 to 16 characters, and must follow the rules of SQL Server nondelimited identifiers.
ConfigServer is failed.
InstallCatalogSTP is failed.
60003 ERROR_INSTALL_DTC_FAILURE InstallDTC is failed.
InstallPerfmon is failed.
InstallSQLAgentSecurity is failed.
InstallSQLRedis is failed.
60007 ERROR_OVER_MAX_INSTANCES The number of instances is more than the maximum (16) in PickInstanceComponentSet.
60009 ERROR_UPGRADE_FAILURE UpgradeDatabases is failed.

These are causes and recommended actions for some of the return codes.

Return code Cause Recommended action
50043 The instance name is already in use on the computer. Specify a different instance name.
50047 The instance name is too long or contains characters not allowed in instance names. Specify a different instance name that has 16 or fewer characters, and only uses the characters allowed in SQL Server identifiers. For more information about identifier rules, see Using Identifiers.
60005 The File and Print Sharing service is not running (this is one possible cause). Retry the installation when the File and Print Sharing service is running.
60007 There are already 16 instances of SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 installed on the computer. Either install the new instance on another computer, or uninstall one of the existing instances if it is no longer being used.

For more information about the Windows Installer error codes, see the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN®) Library at this Microsoft Web site.

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