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ISmartTagRecognizer Interface [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

The ISmartTagRecognizer interface implements the properties and methods required by DLLs to support adding smart tag data to the content of a document.

Note  If you are building a smart tag specifically for Microsoft Access, you will not need to implement the ISmartTagRecognizer or ISmartTagRecognizer2 interfaces since Access does not support dynamic recognition. You only need to implement the ISmartTagAction interface, and if you want to leverage the new functionalities introduced in Office 2003, implement the ISmartTagAction2 interface as well.

An ISmartTagRecognizer supplies the following read-only properties. One method is also provided.

Member Summary


Name Type Description
ProgId String The programmatic identifier of the recognizer interface
Name String A short title reflecting what the recognizer does
Desc String A substantive description of what the recognizer does
SmartTagCount Integer The number of smart tag types that the recognizer supports
SmartTagDownloadURL String The URL that is embedded in documents to let users download new or updated actions
SmartTagName String The unique identifiers of smart tag types that the recognizer supports


Name Description
Recognize Recognizes terms.


Recognize is the central method of an ISmartTagRecognizer. It interacts with an ISmartTagRecognizerSite interface, which is implemented by smart tag supporting applications. The following interface description language defines the ISmartTagRecognizer interface.

interface ISmartTagRecognizer : IDispatch
[propget, id(1)]
HRESULT ProgId([out, retval] BSTR *ProgId);

[propget, id(2)]
HRESULT Name([in] int LocaleID, 
    [out, retval] BSTR *Name);

[propget, id(3)]
HRESULT Desc([in] int LocaleID, 
    [out, retval] BSTR *Desc);

[propget, id(4)]
HRESULT SmartTagCount([out, retval] int *Count);

[propget, id(5)]
HRESULT SmartTagName([in] int SmartTagID, 
    [out, retval] BSTR *Name);

[propget, id(6)]
HRESULT SmartTagDownloadURL([in] int SmartTagID, 
    [out, retval] BSTR *DownloadURL);

HRESULT Recognize([in] BSTR Text, 
    [in] IF_TYPE DataType, [in] int LocaleID, 
    [in] ISmartTagRecognizerSite *RecognizerSite);

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