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Database Tab (Relationship/New Relationship Dialog Box)

SQL Server 2000

Database Tab (Relationship/New Relationship Dialog Box)

Use this tab to specify database options for a relationship when you want to either identify the table containing all the links to the tables represented by entities or specify a condition under which the relationship is true.

If the relationship is a command relationship, the tab title changes from Database tab to Command tab.

Note  Not available if the model is enabled for OLAP only.


Table that contains joins to all entities in this relationship

Select the table that is the starting point for all of the joins to the tables and fields that represent entities in the relationship.

Calculate Default Join Table

Have English Query find the join table.

This relationship is true only when the following SQL condition is true

Enter an SQL condition that specifies when the relationship is true.

For the relationship Products are shipped to customers, this SQL condition is a requirement that customers' credit be approved:


Show most recent data by default

Specify that English Query answers are generated from the most recent data in the database.

For example, if this option is selected, the question, "What is John's salary?" will show only John's most recent salary, although the associated table may contain several historical references to John's salary at various points in time.

This option is available if the relationship has a date that is part of the key of the join table for the relationship. It is unavailable if the date on the relationship is not a single field.

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