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Trait Phrasing Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use this dialog box to specify a trait phrasing for your relationship.

An entity is a real-world object, referred to by a noun. Some entities are traits of other entities. For example, the entity, blood type, is a trait of the entity Patient.

When specifying the two entities in this dialog box, provide the information needed to answer these types of questions:

  • "What is Mary's blood type?" and "Show me the blood type of Mary."

  • "What hair color does John have?" and "Show me the hair color of John."

    Note  These questions can be formed using the possessive case (Mary's blood type) or by using of and have.

Prepositional phrases that further define the trait can be specified. For example, Banks have branches in cities. In this case, banks is the subject, branches is the trait, and in cities is an additional object that specifies where the branches are.



Select an entity that represents the subject of the relationship.

For example, in the phrase, Banks have branches in cities, banks is the subject.


Select an entity that contains the trait

For example, in the phrase, banks have branches in cities, branches is the object and trait.

Add prepositional phrase

Enter the prepositions and the object of prepositions that further describe the relationship.

For example, in the phrase, banks have branches in cities, in the cities is the prepositional phrase.

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