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How to create a named set in a virtual cube

SQL Server 2000

To create a named set in a virtual cube

  1. In the Analysis Manager tree pane, right-click the virtual cube, and then click Edit.

  2. In Virtual Cube Editor, on the Insert menu, click Named Set.

  3. In Named Set Builder, in the Set name box, type a name for the named set.

  4. In the Set expression box, construct an expression for the named set. Use any combination of the following methods to add to the expression:
    • Drag items from the Data and Functions boxes.

    • Click an item in the Data or Functions box, and then click Insert.

    • Click the arithmetic operator and number buttons.

    • Type.

      Note  If you create the set expression by explicitly naming the members in the set, enclose the list of members in a pair of braces ({}).

  5. (Optional.) To register additional function libraries, click Register.

  6. To close Named Set Builder, click OK.

  7. To save the named set, in Virtual Cube Editor, on the File menu, click Save.

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