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Backup and Restore (Level 1)

Backup and Restore (Level 1)

Because backups are not compatible between servers running Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 and servers running earlier versions of SQL Server, SQL Server 6.x database dumps (backups) cannot be restored onto a SQL Server 2000 server. For more information about upgrading your databases to SQL Server 2000, see Upgrading Databases from SQL Server 6.5 (Upgrade Wizard).

SQL Server 6.x SQL Server 2000
The VOLUME clause of the DUMP and LOAD statements indicated the volume ID for a dump device. The VOLUME keyword has been replaced by the MEDIANAME clause. Use of the VOLUME clause results in an error.

Remove all references of the VOLUME keyword in all BACKUP, DUMP, LOAD, or RESTORE statements and replace with references to MEDIANAME.

The DUMP and LOAD statements supported the use of diskettes. Backing up to diskette is not supported.

Back up to hard disk, and then copy the backup file to one or more diskettes.

The sysbackuphistory, sysbackupdetail, sysrestorehistory, and sysrestoredetail system tables tracked DUMP and LOAD history information. The DUMP and LOAD history tracking system tables have been removed and replaced by a new set of system tables.

Remove all references to sysbackuphistory, sysbackupdetail, sysrestorehistory, and sysrestoredetail. Because the structure and contents of the backup system tables have changed significantly, familiarize yourself with these new system tables before referencing them: backupfile, backupmediafamily, backupmediaset, backupset, restorefile, restorefilegroup, and restorehistory.

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