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Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Data Source Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Data Source Tab)

Use this tab to specify the instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 that contains the database you want to connect to, and the database name.


SQL Server

Enter the name of the server (and optionally, the instance of SQL Server) you want. Click the browse (...) button to view the servers running SQL Server on the network. If multiple instances of SQL Server are installed, you can specify the server name and the instance name. If no instance name is specified, the default instance is assumed.


Enter the name of the default database on the server (for example, Northwind). The virtual directory maps to this database. Depending upon the access permissions, queries can be executed against other databases on the instance of SQL Server to which the virtual directory maps; however, the database specified here is the default.

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