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ui Attribute (sendMail Element)

Office 2003

Sets whether the user can send the form as an e-mail attachment.



Parent Elements

Element Description
sendMail Specifies whether the user can use the form's menus, toolbars, or keyboard shortcuts to send the form as an e-mail attachment.


    <xsd:attribute name="ui" type="xsf:xdEnabledDisabled" use="required" ></xsd:attribute>


Setting this attribute to a value other than "enabled" or "disabled" will result in an error message when you attempt to open the form.

Note  This item is not supported when the Disable Service Pack features option on the Advanced tab of the Options dialog box in InfoPath is selected or when Microsoft Office 2003 Editions Service Pack 1 or later is not installed. Any form defined by a form definition file (.xsf) that includes this item cannot be opened in InfoPath when service pack features are disabled or unavailable.


The following is an example of the ui attribute as it is used in the sendMail element:

    <xsf:sendMail	ui="disabled"/>

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