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Report Manager

SQL Server 2000

Report Manager is a Web-based report access and management tool that is included with Microsoft® SQL Server™ Reporting Services. Report Manager can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • View, search, and subscribe to reports
  • Create and manage folders, linked reports, report history, schedules, data source connections, and subscriptions
  • Set properties and report parameters
  • Manage role definitions and assignments that control user access to reports and folders

Report Manager provides a user interface to a report server. The user interface consists of Web pages and controls. There are pages for viewing items, setting properties, and creating and modifying subscriptions, schedules, shared data sources, and roles. You can access items that are stored in a report server by navigating the folder hierarchy and clicking on items that you want to view or update.

The ability to perform a task in Report Manager depends on user role assignment. A user who is assigned to a role that has full permissions, such as a report server administrator, has access to the complete set of application menus and pages. A user assigned to a role that has permissions to view and run reports, on the other hand, sees only the menus and pages that support those activities.

Users can be assigned to multiple roles. Each user can have different role assignments for different report servers, or even for the various reports and folders that are stored on a single server. Understanding how the role or roles to which you belong affect your interactions with tools, reports, and report servers can help you anticipate the scope of operations that are available to you at any given time. For more information about roles, see Understanding Role-based Security.

How to run Report Manager

To run Report Manager, type its URL in the address bar of a Web browser. By default, the URL is http://<webservername>/reports.

If Reporting Services is installed on your local computer, you can also select Report Manager from the Start menu, from the SQL Server program group.

Report Manager is installed during setup on the same computer as the report server. You can check the configuration files for the name of the report server that it connects to. For more information, see Reporting Server Configuration Files.

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