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Using OLE DB Scanner

SQL Server 2000

OLE DB Scanner is a feature of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services that imports relational database schema information from an OLE DB data source and populates instances of the Open Information Model (OIM) Database Schema model in a repository database. This section describes the OLE DB Scanner for Meta Data Services. The following topics provide more detailed information about OLE DB Scanner.

Topic Description
OLE DB Scanner Overview Describes OLE DB Scanner and how to apply it.
Supported OLE DB Schema Rowsets in OLE DB Scanner Lists the OLE DB rowsets and indicates which are supported by OLE DB Scanner.
Navigating the Schema in OLE DB Scanner Shows a Microsoft® Visual Basic® code example that navigates an OLE DB rowset using the repository API.
Schema Versioning in OLE DB Scanner Explains versioning behavior for rowsets imported by OLE DB Scanner into a repository database.
Data Type Mappings in OLE DB Scanner Lists data type equivalents for OLE DB data types and repository data types.
OLE DB Scanner Reference Provides API reference topics for OLE DB Scanner interfaces.

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