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publication Properties, Subscription Options Tab (Snapshot or Transactional Publication)

SQL Server 2000

The following options are available on the Subscription Options tab of the publication Properties dialog box.


Use a Distribution Agent that is independent of other publications from this database

Select whether the publication uses an independent Distribution Agent or whether multiple push subscriptions to publications from this publication database to the same Subscriber and subscription database share one Distribution Agent. Sharing the same Distribution Agent reduces the resource demands and increases performance at the Distributor. You must use an independent Distribution Agent if you want to have anonymous subscriptions for this publication or use attachable subscription databases.

Snapshot files are always available to initialize new subscriptions

Select whether to continuously maintain a current snapshot of the publication so that new subscriptions can be initialized as soon as the subscription is created. You must select this if you want to allow anonymous subscriptions or attachable subscription databases.

Allow anonymous pull subscriptions

Select to allow anonymous subscriptions for this publication.

Allow new subscriptions to be created by attaching a copy of a subscription database

Select whether to allow new subscriptions to be created by attaching a copy of a subscription database.

Allow pull subscriptions

Select whether those Subscribers who have been specifically enabled are allowed to create pull subscriptions to the publication. Subscribers are enabled on the Subscribers tab of the Publisher and Distributor Properties dialog box.

Data Transformation Services

View whether or not DTS can be used to transform the data as it is published.

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