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Enable Publishers

SQL Server 2000

You can give permission for other Publishers to use this Distributor. Select the registered server you want to allow to use this Distributor. Click the properties button (...) next to a Publisher to set the security options, login information, and snapshot folder.

The servers you select as Publishers will use the distribution database created by this wizard. If you want to use a different distribution database than the one created in this wizard, do not enable the Publisher at this time. Instead, use the Publisher and Distributor Properties dialog box to add Publishers after you complete the Configure Publishing and Distribution Wizard.

If you are running Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 or Microsoft Windows® 2000 on the Distributor and you want to enable a server that is not listed as a Publisher, click New to register the server in SQL Server Enterprise Manager and add it to the list of available Publishers. Distributors running Windows 98 cannot be Distributors for other Publishers.

Enabling a Publisher to use this server as its Distributor does not make that server a Publisher. You must connect to the Publisher, configure it for publishing, and choose this server as the Distributor.

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