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Replication Monitor - Select Columns, Distribution Agents Tab

SQL Server 2000

The following options are available on the Distribution Agents tab of the Replication Monitor - Select Columns dialog box.

Option Description
(check box) Display the selected column in the result pane.
Publisher Publisher that created the publication.
Publisher DB Name of the Publisher database.
Subscription Name of the subscription.
Type Type of subscription.
Status Status of the agent's last action.
Last action Last action taken.
Action time Time the action was taken.
Start time Time this session was started.
Duration Duration of the agent session.
Delivery rate (cmds/sec) Ratio of delivered commands to the duration of the agent. If the agent is still running, this value reflects a cumulative count from the beginning of the session.
Latency (msec) The current amount of time, in milliseconds, elapsed from when transactions are delivered to the Distributor to when they are applied at the Subscriber.
#Trans The number of transactions delivered to the Subscriber.
#Cmds The number of commands delivered to the Subscriber.
Avg. #Cmds The average number of commands per transaction delivered to the Subscriber for the session.
Move Up Move the selected column higher in the list. It also moves the column to the left in the result pane.
Move Down Move the selected column lower in the list. It also moves the column to the right in the result pane.
Reset Select all the columns and list them in default order.

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