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SQL Server 2000


An object of ClassType clsServer provides methods and properties that enable you to control an Analysis server. This object is the root of the Decision Support Objects (DSO) object model tree that specifies the databases, cubes, and user roles managed by the server. With an object of ClassType clsServer you can:

  • Connect to a computer where the Analysis server service (MSSQLServerOLAPService) is running.

  • Start and stop the server.

  • Create and manage objects that define multidimensional data structures.

An object of ClassType clsServer provides collections, methods, and properties through its own internal interface.

A. Creating and Initializing a Server

Use the following code to create and initialize a server. You can use LocalHost to specify the Analysis server running on the same computer as your DSO application.

'Create instance of server and connect
Public dsoServer As DSO.Server
Set dsoServer = New DSO.Server
'ServerName is the Windows NT 4.0 Server or Windows 2000 Server computer 
'where the Analysis service is loaded and running.
'An error is raised if the connection attempt fails
dsoServer.Connect "ServerName"

This example accomplishes the same result:

DsoServer = New DSO.Server
dsoServer.Name = "ServerName"
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