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Enabling Full-Text Search for an English Query Model

SQL Server 2000

Enable Microsoft Search service and the full-text search feature to support faster, more powerful, and more flexible searches of structured and unstructured textual data in SQL databases.

Using full-text search, users' questions can:

  • Retrieve more information because the full-text searches can be for: inflections (alternate tenses and singular and plural forms); automatic combinations of successive words into search phrases; prefix stemming to search for various derived phrases; and proximity searching for words that occur near one another.

  • Work much faster because they take advantage of the full-text indexes that are maintained in the database.

  • Return documents that match or partially match the queries in order or relevance.

For example, using full-text search, the question "What movies released last year were about a big asteroid threatening to crash into Earth" generates the full-text FREETEXTTABLE() function. This function searches for many words and phrases (big, asteroid, threatening, crash, Earth,), all of the tenses of the verbs, singulars and plurals of the nouns, and phrases such as big asteroid.

To enable full-text searching

Model Editor

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