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DTS Package Templates

SQL Server 2000

Data Transformation Services (DTS) package templates are partially configured packages built around typical usage situations. Each template contains tasks and workflow items geared toward a specific task or set of tasks (for example, copying data between instances of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000). Copy and complete these templates to configure tasks, connections, and workflow easily and quickly.

After you configure the template, save a copy as a package to a new location. Then, you can reuse the template, customize copies, and save the information in any DTS format. Because DTS templates are read-only files (with a .dtt extension), you cannot accidentally overwrite a template.

By default, package templates are saved in the \\Tools\Templates\DTS folder. However, you can save and use package templates from any location.

Creating a Template

To create a package template, build a package and use Disconnected Edit to stub out the properties you want template users to configure. For example, instead of entering a specific user name in the Connection Properties dialog box, use Disconnected Edit to assign text such as "Enter your login name here" to the property for user name. You also can add instructions and labels to the package template. After you build the package template, save it as a structured storage file with a .dtt extension.

To create and save a package template

Enterprise Manager

To access a package template

Enterprise Manager

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