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Memory Used by SQL Server Objects Specifications

SQL Server 2000

This table lists the amount of memory used by different objects in Microsoft® SQL Server™. The information in this table does not pertain to Microsoft® SQL Server 2000™ Windows® CE Edition.

  Object Size
Object SQL Server 7.0 SQL Server 2000
Lock 96 bytes 64 bytes plus 32 bytes per owner.
Open database 2,880 bytes 3924 bytes plus 1640 bytes per file and 336 bytes per filegroup.
Open object1 276 bytes 256 bytes plus 1724 bytes per index opened on the object2.
User connection 12 KB + (3 * Network Packet Size)3. 12 KB + (3 * Network Packet Size)3.

1 Open objects include all tables, views, stored procedures, extended stored procedures, triggers, rules, defaults, and constraints.
2 Indexes can be opened on tables or views.
3 Network Packet Size is the size of the tabular data scheme (TDS) packets used to communicate between applications and the relational database engine. The default packet size is 4 KB, and is controlled by the network packet size configuration option.

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