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ForceConnection Method

Exchange Server 2003

The ForceConnection method attempts to recompute a route to deliver all messages in the link immediately, rather than waiting for the next scheduled connection.

Applies To

The ForceConnection method is a member of the Exchange_SMTPLink Class.

Instance Path

The ForceConnection method appears on instances of the \\COMPUTERNAME\ROOT\MicrosoftExchangeV2:Exchange_SMTPLink class.

MOF Syntax

[Implemented] void ForceConnection();




This method has no mapped parameter values.

VBScript Example

' Purpose:   Execute a ForceConnection on each Exchange_SMTPLink
' Change:    cComputerName [string] the computer to access
' Output:    Displays when the ForceConnection action occurs

On Error Resume Next
Dim cComputerName
Const cWMINameSpace = "root/MicrosoftExchangeV2"
Const cWMIInstance = "Exchange_SMTPLink"
cComputerName = "MyComputerNETBIOSName"

Dim strWinMgmts		' Connection string for WMI
Dim objWMIExchange	' Exchange Namespace WMI object
Dim listExchange_SMTPLinks	' ExchangeLogons collection
Dim objExchange_SMTPLink		' A single ExchangeLogon WMI object

' Create the object string, indicating WMI (winmgmts), using the
' current user credentials (impersonationLevel=impersonate),
' on the computer specified in the constant cComputerName, and
' using the CIM namespace for the Exchange provider.
strWinMgmts = "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//"& _
Set objWMIExchange =  GetObject(strWinMgmts)
' Verify we were able to correctly set the object.
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  WScript.Echo "ERROR: Unable to connect to the WMI namespace."
  ' The Resources that currently exist appear as a list of
  ' Exchange_SMTPLink instances in the Exchange namespace.
  Set listExchange_SMTPLinks = objWMIExchange.InstancesOf(cWMIInstance)
  ' Were any Exchange_SMTPLink Instances returned?
  If (listExchange_SMTPLinks.count > 0) Then
    ' If yes, do the following:
    ' Iterate through the list of Exchange_SMTPLink objects.
    For Each objExchange_SMTPLink in listExchange_SMTPLinks
	Wscript.Echo "Forcing Connection on: " & objExchange_SMTPLink.LinkName
		If Err.Number <> 0 Then
			Wscript.Echo "WARNING:Error Forcing Connection: " & objExchange_SMTPLink.LinkName
			Wscript.Echo "ForceConnection Executed."
		End If
    ' If no Exchange_SMTPLink instances were returned,
    ' display that.
    WScript.Echo "WARNING: No Exchange_SMTPLink instances were returned."
  End If
End If

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