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CellsSRCExists property

CellsSRCExists property

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Determines whether a ShapeSheet cell exists in the scope of a search.

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intRet = object.CellsSRCExists(section, row, column, fExistsLocally)


Integer. False (0) if a cell doesn't exist; True (-1) if it does.


Required. An expression that returns a Shape object.


Required Integer. The cell's section index.


Required Integer. The cell's row index.


Required Integer. The cell's column index.


Required Integer. The scope of the search.


Constants for section, row, and column indices are declared by the Visio type library as members of VisSectionIndices, VisRowIndices, and VisCellIndices, respectively.

The fExistsLocally argument specifies to the scope of the search:

  • If fExistsLocally is non-zero (True), the CellsSRCExists property returns True only if the object contains the cell locally; if the cell is inherited, the CellsSRCExists property returns False.
  • If fExistsLocally is zero (False), the CellsSRCExists property returns True if the object either contains or inherits the cell.

To search for a cell by name, use the CellExists property.

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