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Merge Method

Creates a merged cell from the specified range. When you create a merged cell, the value in the upper-left cell in the specified range is used for the merged cell value. All other cell values in the merged cell are ignored.


expression   An expression that returns a Range object. This method fails if the range only partially encloses a previously merged cell.

Across  Optional Variant. True to merge cells in each row in the specified range as separate merged cells. The default value is False.


This example creates a merged cell from the range B2:C5 and puts a thick red border around the merged cell.

Sub Merge_Cells()
    Dim ssConstants
    Dim rngMerged
    Set ssConstants = Spreadsheet1.Constants
    ' Merge cells B2:C5.
    ' Set a variable to the merged range.
    Set rngMerged = Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheet.Range("B2").MergeArea
    ' Format the merged cell.
    rngMerged.Borders.Color = "Red"
    rngMerged.Borders.Weight = ssConstants.owcLineWeightThick
    rngMerged.HorizontalAlignment = ssConstants.xlHAlignCenter
    rngMerged.VerticalAlignment = ssConstants.xlVAlignCenter
End Sub


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