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The return statement terminates execution of the method in which it appears and returns control to the calling method. It can also return the value of the optional expression. If the method is of the type void, the return statement can be omitted. This statement takes the following form:

return [expression];


The value returned by a method. The expression is not used with methods of the type void.


In the following example, the method A() returns the variable Area as a double value.

// statements_return.cs
using System;
class ReturnTest 
   static double CalculateArea(int r) 
      double area;
      area = r*r*Math.PI;
      return area;

   public static void Main() 
      int radius = 5;
      Console.WriteLine("The area is {0:0.00}", CalculateArea(radius));


The area is 78.54

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