Media Source Extensions (MSE)

Internet Explorer 11 introduces support for MPEG-DASH media streaming through HTML5 Media Source Extensions (MSE). MSE extends the video and audio elements that you can dynamically change for a media stream without using plug-ins. This gives you such things as adaptive media streaming, live streaming, splicing videos, and video editing.

Important  This feature is not supported in IE11 on Windows 7.

You can build custom adaptive streaming solutions using MSE. Such an adaptive streaming solution would look for the optimal bit rate based on network bandwidth and CPU utilization to provide the highest quality streaming experience. For example, if the network bandwidth drops, you can use MSE to programmatically switch the video stream to a lower bit rate. This reduces the quality of the image, but allows the video to keep playing without interruptions.

By dynamically splicing videos together you can insert ads during media playback. So, you don't have to put the clips in the media files beforehand, but can insert a clip in the media stream during playback at any time.

API Description
MediaSource The media object, attached to the HTML media element. MediaSource contains the media data specified by one or more SourceBuffer objects.
readyState Indicates the current state of the MediaSource and if it's attached to a media element.
SourceBuffer Buffer used to hold the media data.
SourceBufferList A collection of SourceBuffer objects.
endOfStream Indicates the cause of an end of stream error.
sourceBuffers The collection of SourceBuffer objects that contain the media data for the MediaSource.
createObjectURL Creates a URL to the MediaSource object. The MediaSource can be attached to the video or audio by setting the src property to this URL.


For more info, see Building a simple MPEG-DASH streaming player and MPEG-DASH and streaming reference and resources.

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