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Conditional Compilation

In conditional compilation, particular blocks of code in a program are compiled selectively while others are ignored.

In This Section

Conditional Compilation Overview
Explains what conditional compilation is used for, and discusses the #Const and #If...Then...#Else directives.
Declaring Conditional Compilation Constants
Shows how to declare conditional compilation constants in the Property Pages dialog box, at the command line, or in your code.
Collapsing and Hiding Sections of Code
Explains how to specify a block of code that you can expand or collapse using the Visual Studio .NET outlining feature.

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Program Structure and Code Conventions
Provides suggestions for making your code easy to read and maintain.
Compiling to MSIL
Explains how your source code is translated into Microsoft Intermediate language (MSIL) by the compiler.
Compiling MSIL to Native Code
Provides an overview of the .NET framework JIT (just-in-time) compiler that converts MSIL to native (CPU-specific) code.
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