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How to: Reduce the Size of a Database

Visual Studio 2005

Follow the procedure in this section to reduce the size of your database. When you control database size, performance will often improve and more users can access the database. For more about database performance, see Optimizations for Performance.

To reduce the size of your database:

  1. Check the number of users registered for the database, and delete users if needed. The acceptable number of users varies, depending on the performance of the server and the network. See How to: Delete a User from the Database User List.

  2. Remove any temporary files as described in How to: Clean Up Temporary Files.

  3. If your projects have outdated history information, remove it.

  4. Delete any unused files and projects in the database.

  5. If there are projects that are not interrelated, move them as needed to separate databases.

  6. You can also use the SSARC Utility to archive data and the ANALYZE utility to cans a Visual SourceSafe database for integrity. For more information, see SSARC Utility and ANALYZE Utility.

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