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MFC Debugging Techniques

If you are debugging an MFC program, these debugging techniques may be useful.

In This Section

Describes the AfxDebugBreak function, which you can use to hardcode breakpoints in source code.
The TRACE Macro
Discusses and provides examples of the ATLTRACE and MFC TRACE macros, which enable you to display messages from your program in the debugger Output window.
Detecting Memory Leaks in MFC
Provides links to MFC classes and functions that detect memory that is allocated but never deallocated. Links include: tracking memory allocations, enabling memory diagnostics, taking memory snapshots, viewing memory statistics, and object dumps.

Related Sections

Reducing the Size of an MFC Debug Build
Provides solutions to the large amount of disk space used by debug information when you build a Debug version of an MFC application.
MFC Assertions
Discusses and provides example code for using the ASSERT macro to check for assertion failures.
Debugging Visual C++
Discusses some common debugging problems and techniques for C and C++ applications.
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