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ISAPI Server Extensions and Filters

Visual Studio .NET 2003
Note   ATL Server provides a more efficient, configurable way of writing Web applications and XML Web services using C++ and ISAPI. For more information see the documentation on ATL Server.

If you already have an application and want to run it on a Web server, there are several tasks to complete:

  • Remove any dialog boxes and other user-interface features from the DLL that will run on the server.
  • When running on a Web server, you provide content to the client through HTML. Design the HTML pages you will use on the client to collect information that is sent to the server, and to return results to the client.
  • Reduce code size and remove unnecessary functions to increase processing efficiency.
  • If you are writing a database front-end application using simple queries, you may be able to use DB Connector (which ships as part of Internet Information Services) for your database processing. See the documentation that comes with Internet Information Services.

    If you want to use multiple queries on a page or use advanced features of SQL Server, you will need to write an ISAPI DLL to provide special forms processing and to access the full capabilities of SQL Server.

For more information about ISAPI, see:

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