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* Operator

Multiplies two numbers.

number1 * number2


Required. Any numeric expression.
Required. Any numeric expression.


The result is the product of number1 and number2

Supported Types

Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Single, Double, Decimal


The data type of the result is the same as that of the data type with the greatest range. The order of range, from least to greatest range, is Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Single, Double, and Decimal.

If an expression is stated as Nothing, or is Empty, it is treated as zero.


This example uses the * operator to multiply two numbers. The result is the product of the two operands.

Dim myValue As Double
myValue = 2 * 2   ' Returns 4.
myValue = 459.35 * 334.90   ' Returns 153836.315.

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