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IPersistPropertyBagImpl Class

This class implements IUnknown and allows an object to save its properties to a client-supplied property bag.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

template <  
class T  
class ATL_NO_VTABLE IPersistPropertyBagImpl : 
public IPersistPropertyBag

Your class, derived from IPersistPropertyBagImpl.




Retrieves the object's CLSID.


Initializes a newly created object. The ATL implementation returns S_OK.


Loads the object's properties from a client-supplied property bag.


Saves the object's properties into a client-supplied property bag.

The IPersistPropertyBag interface allows an object to save its properties to a client-supplied property bag. Class IPersistPropertyBagImpl provides a default implementation of this interface and implements IUnknown by sending information to the dump device in debug builds.

IPersistPropertyBag works in conjunction with IPropertyBag and IErrorLog. These latter two interfaces must be implemented by the client. Through IPropertyBag, the client saves and loads the object's individual properties. Through IErrorLog, both the object and the client can report any errors encountered.

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Header: atlcom.h

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