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Monitoring and Managing Windows Processes

The Process component gives you the ability to view and manage most Windows process tasks. These tasks include starting and stopping processes and retrieving process property information, such as memory and thread usage.

In This Section

Introduction to Monitoring and Managing Windows Processes
Provides an overview of the Process component and how you can use it to interact with system resources.
Creating and Binding to Processes
Provides a list of topics relating to creating Process components.
Managing Processes
Explains how to use Process components to manage existing processes on your computer, such as starting, stopping, and retrieving process information.
Retrieving Information About Processes
Describes how to retrieve process property information, such as memory and thread usage.
Walkthrough: Managing a Windows Process
Provides step-by-step instructions for working with a Process component.

Related Sections

Process Class
Provides syntax and related reference information about the Process component.
Creating System Monitoring Components
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Programming with Components
Gives links to topics about working with components and authoring your own controls and components.
Component Authoring Walkthroughs
Provides a list of detailed walkthroughs related to component design and use.
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