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A type that provides a bidirectional iterator that can read a const element in the multimap.

typedef implementation-defined const_iterator;

A type const_iterator cannot be used to modify the value of an element.

The const_iterator defined by multimap points to objects of value_type, which are of type pair<const Key, Type>. The value of the key is available through the first member pair and the value of the mapped element is available through the second member of the pair.

To dereference a const_iterator cIter pointing to an element in a multimap, use the -> operator.

To access the value of the key for the element, use cIter -> first, which is equivalent to (*cIter).first. To access the value of the mapped datum for the element, use cIter -> second, which is equivalent to (*cIter).second.

See the example for begin for an example using const_iterator.

Header: <map>

Namespace: std

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