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1.1 Glossary

The following terms are defined in [MS-GLOS]:

access control entry (ACE)
access control list (ACL)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) character set
authentication level
Authentication Service (AS)
code page
device interface class
discretionary access control list (DACL)
globally unique identifier (GUID)
Interface Definition Language (IDL)
Microsoft Interface Definition Language (MIDL)
remote procedure call (RPC)
RPC context handle
RPC protocol sequence
RPC transport
security descriptor
security identifier (SID)
system access control list (SACL)
Server Message Block (SMB)
universally unique identifier (UUID)
well-known endpoint

The following terms are specific to this document:

delayed start group: A service group initialized following a delay after the initial system boot for the purpose of improving system-boot performance.

load-order group: A service group for the purpose of service loading and initialization ordering.

NUMA Node: An arrangement of processors and memory within a system supporting Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) technology [MSDN-NUMA].

service: A program that is managed by the Service Control Manager (SCM). The execution of this program is governed by the rules defined by the SCM.

service group: A set of services that are grouped together for dependency or load-ordering purposes.

Service Control Manager (SCM): An RPC server that enables configuration and control of service programs.

service record: An entry in the SCM database that contains the configuration information associated with a service.

MAY, SHOULD, MUST, SHOULD NOT, MUST NOT: These terms (in all caps) are used as described in [RFC2119]. All statements of optional behavior use either MAY, SHOULD, or SHOULD NOT.

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