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Determines which, if any, of the child windows belonging to CWnd contains the specified point.

CWnd* ChildWindowFromPoint(
   POINT point 
) const;
CWnd* ChildWindowFromPoint(
   POINT point,
   UINT nFlags 
) const;


Specifies the client coordinates of the point to be tested.
Specifies which child windows to skip. This parameter can be a combination of the following values:
Value Meaning
CWP_ALL Do not skip any child windows
CWP_SKIPINVISIBLE Skip invisible child windows
CWP_SKIPDISABLED Skip disabled child windows
CWP_SKIPTRANSPARENT Skip transparent child windows

Return Value

Identifies the child window that contains the point. It is NULL if the given point lies outside of the client area. If the point is within the client area but is not contained within any child window, CWnd is returned.

This member function will return a hidden or disabled child window that contains the specified point.

More than one window may contain the given point. However, this function returns only the CWnd* of the first window encountered that contains the point.

The CWnd* that is returned may be temporary and should not be stored for later use.


void CMyDlg::OnFindCenterChild() 
   CRect rect;
   CWnd* pWnd = ChildWindowFromPoint(
      CPoint(rect.Width()/2, rect.Height()/2), 
      // Top left is always 0, 0.
   TRACE("Center window is 0x%08x\n", pWnd->m_hWnd);

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